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General Insurance Fraud Documents

Insurance Terminology Dictionary
Guidelines for Monitoring Surveillance
Auto Theft Statement Guide
Preamble for a Recorded Statement

Fraud Indicator Documents

Red Flag Indicators for Auto Theft Insurance Fraud
Red Flag Indicators for Catastrophe Fraud
Red Flag Indicators for Arson Fraud
Red Flag Indicators of Surveillance Reports
Red Flag Indicators and Definitions for All Lines of Insurance Fraud
Red Flag Indicators for Workers' Compensation Fraud
Red Flag Indicators for Home Owner Insurance Fraud
Red Flag Indicators for Life & Disability Insurance Fraud
Red Flag Indicators for Medical Insurance Fraud
Red Flag Indicators for Insurance Premium Fraud


Associations & Fraud Organizations

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Insurance Information Institute
Insurance Marketplace Standards Association
International Association of Special Investigation Units
International Association of Insurance Fraud Agencies
International Association of Marine Investigators
International Association of Arson Investigators
International Association of Auto Theft Investigators
Midwest Insurance Fraud Prevention Association
National Health Care Anti Fraud Association
National Association of Property Recovery Investigators
National Insurance Crime Bureau
National Society of Professional Investigators
National White Collar Crime Center
New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud
Northern California Fraud Investigators Association


Investigation Tools

interFIRE (Information Resource Fire Investigators)
Mexico Database & Record Searches
Products and Services for Fraud Fighters
Insurance Services Office (Claims Search Database)
National Insurance Crime Bureau
Physician Search (American Medical Association)
Lawyer Search (Martindale Hubbell)
National Fraud Center
Financial Crime and Organized Crime Database (Fee-based)
Insurance Claims Investigations Resources
National Practitioner Data Bank
Questionable doctor database (Public Citizen)
Winning the Battle Against Vehicle Insurance Fraud


Fraud Resources

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For more information, please contact NATG directly at 888-884-6284 or via E-mail: info@fraudtraining.net

Industry Related Links

A.M. Best Insurance Company Info
National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association Resources
Fraud Prevention in Pennsylvania
Fraud Prevention in New York
Protect Your Identity From Theft
Stop Medicare Fraud
Your State Attorney General
Report Cheaters
Latest Insurance News & info
Insurance Scams
Scope of the Fraud Problem
Personal Injury Mills Warning Signs
National Fraud Information Center
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Seniors: All About Medicare Fraud
Federal Citizen Information Center

State Fraud Links

Alaska Insurance Department
Arizona Insurance Department - Fraud Unit
Arkansas Insurance Fraud Investigation Division
California Insurance Fraud Division
Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Colorado Department of Labor & Employment
Connecticut Office of Chief State's Attorney
Connecticut - DOI Fraud Unit
Delaware Fraud Prevention Bureau
D.C. DOI & Securities Regulation
FBI Economic Crimes Unit
Florida Insurance Fraud Division
Iowa Insurance Division Fraud Bureau
Kansas DOI Fraud Unit
Kentucky Insurance Fraud Investigation Division
Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau
Maryland Insurance Administration Fraud Unit
Minnesota Workers Compensation Fraud Unit
Nebraska Insurance Fraud Prevention Division
Nevada Insurance Fraud Unit
New Hampshire (Attorney Gen.) - Fraud Unit
New Jersey - Insurance Fraud Prosecutor
New Mexico Insurance Fraud Bureau
New York Insurance Frauds Bureau
North Carolina Insurance Department
North Dakota Workers' Compensation Bureau
Ohio Insurance Fraud Division
Pennsylvania Attorney General
Penn. Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority
South Carolina Insurance Fraud Division
South Dakota Insurance Fraud Division
Tennessee Dept. of Commerce & Insurance
Texas Insurance Fraud Unit
Utah Insurance Fraud Division
Virginia State Police Insurance Fraud Division
West Virginia Office of the Insurance Commissioner





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